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Hostel Mousiko Pandohio - Steni, Euboea Greece
Musical Lodge
An old estate has become a boutique lodge for all to enjoy. Not just any lodge, but a ‘Musical Lodge’.
The Music Lodge (Mousiko Pandoxeio) offers luxury accommodation in the midst of one of Greece’s most pristine forest regions. On the foothills of snow-capped Mountain Dirfys on the island of Evia, guests can enjoy a relaxing time away, only an hour from busy Athens.

Το τζάκι στο σαλόνι

 Most importantly, it offers its guests an unforgettable artistic experience.  Whether hiking, mountain biking or trekking - or simply relaxing beneath the large Plant tree in the patio taking in the surrounding ambience – guests can enjoy an evening with a drink and music in an elegant and restful environment.  
In keeping with the Lodge’s music theme, metal sculptures depicting beautiful muses in musical poses adorn each room, as well as the common areas.  Created by sculptor Margarita Randeva, the Lodge’s guests can be inspired in an environment imbued with art and music.

Midi Studio: The Lodge includes a fully equipped midi studio available to guests. Guests can use the studio to record their own musical compositions on a demo CD or choose from hundreds of pre-recorded tracks to add their own voices.
On Saturday nights, the Lodge’s host, composer Tassos Ioannides, invites guests to join him on a musical journey of discovery.  In a two-part live show, he introduces the guests to the art of music composition through the presentation of his own work but also that of many other well known and accomplished composers.  He shares the secrets of composition and song writing, inviting guests to share their own musical talent.  The fireplace, the lighting, a drink and good company, and of course the music will help anyone spend a memorable night.

The Musical Lodge has developed a following of friends and other artists who come along to share in a unique musical experience.  In a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, without loudspeakers and microphones, the Musical Lodge invites music enthusiasts to come and join our merry company.

Breakfast: Our breakfast menu is based on the abundant local products in the rich and fertile land of Evia.   Local bread baked in the local woodfired oven in the village, homemade marmalades made with organic seasonal fruits, local pure honey, homemade baked cheese and spinach pies, and omelettes with local eggs, will give our guests a good start to their day.

Musical Lodge  Musical Lodge  Musical Lodge  Musical Lodge 
Musical Lodge  Musical Lodge  Musical Lodge  Musical Lodge 
Musical Lodge  Musical Lodge  Musical Lodge  Musical Lodge 

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